MAKENEW, Valentino and keeping dry

One of the realities of living on the east coast is that, if you dress weather-appropriately, you’ll spend half the year looking like Captain Dork, yarg. No one, no one makes decent looking rain-repellent coats with hoods. So what’s a girl to do, other than purchase another lovely vintage coat better suited for a more inland clime. At least we know it will last forever. On Friday I bought this lovely wool tweed coat (on the right) at the pop-up shop for MAKENEW, Anna Gilkerson’s new curated vintage line (read more here), which was held at Love, Me Boutique. Not a great shot; I’ll get another one, but it’s almost floor-length, with a lovely flare.

MAKENEW, I love.

Problem is that I’m still stuck for outerwear during those milder, windy, vitamin-D-sucking Halifax days. Well, be my Valentino, the Gap and the Italian fashion house have collaborated on a seven-piece collection, which includes ruffled jackets, one with a hood!

Apparently there’s also a parka. But I’m sad to report that the collection is currently only available in Milan, London and Paris; as if those poor women are suffering from a lack of adorable outerwear.

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