Upper Sweet Side with Gossip Girl

Tim Gunn makes it work with Gothic Barbie.

So, I’m not exactly proud of my Gossip Girl watching (this is how I can tell if my husband actually is reading my blog because he doesn’t know…hi honey!), but I’m obviously not the only one who watches it for the clothes. Last week Tim Gunn made a cameo (helped to dry the tears from Mondo’s loss–seriously, Michael Kors, time to retire to the cruise ship) and this week stylist Rachel Zoe, Elle‘s Joe Zee and designer Cynthia Rowley were all invited to Blair Waldorf’s birthday party. Jonathan Franzen and Madeleine Albright were apparently there, too, sharing their brain power with those vapid brats.

Zoe, in particular, made quite the impression…

Zoe meets Zee.

Cynthia R. on the Upper East Side.

Zoe goes boom.

Zoe can be such a dip.

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One Response to Upper Sweet Side with Gossip Girl

  1. ericapenton says:

    My YMCA workouts just happen to coordinate with Gossip Girl – you know, by coincidence…

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