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Teva Tevnot

Really? Advertisements

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First class sleeping

Even though I’m not going anywhere too far, I’m addicted to If you’re looking for privately run or exotic accommodations, or just a floor to sleep on, this is the place (check out all the houseboats). We used the … Continue reading

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Courney Love knows nose

Kudos to MuchMusic for giving us non-CFL fans something to cheer about: the long-awaited, two-hour Behind the Music with Courtney Love. There are plenty of gems here (e.g. Trent Reznor’s not-so nine-inch nail), but the best line so far: “I … Continue reading

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Word of the day: ladygloomer

According to the Telegraph, bankruptcies are on the rise for divorced, middle-aged British women. To make matters worse, the media is referring to this group as “ladygloomers.” Such a lovely word for a horrible situation. It reminds me of Helena … Continue reading

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MAKENEW, Valentino and keeping dry

One of the realities of living on the east coast is that, if you dress weather-appropriately, you’ll spend half the year looking like Captain Dork, yarg. No one, no one makes decent looking rain-repellent coats with hoods. So what’s a … Continue reading

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Let them eat macarons

It seems that everywhere I turn these days, there’s a vision of a jewel-coloured macaron (Blair Waldorf stuffed her prissy mouth with them this week as a substitute for Bass love) or a proclamation that its poor cousin, the whoopie … Continue reading

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Je t’aime, Stella

This novel-writing month is almost over, thank god! Soon back to more fun things, like blogs. And drinking Stella. Video by hipster kings Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, who are collaborating on the upcoming 1960s drama Moon Rise Kingdom.

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