Sears is finally (un)dead

Strike a Sears pose.

The worst thing that can happen to a blossoming young fashionista? Having a parent who works at Sears. Who gets a giant discount. Try shopping anywhere else. The retail chain has improved its style over the past decade, but when I was growing up they specialized in “almost there” knock-offs and in-house brands like Toughskins.

Toughskins will never die.

While Sears has never been known for fashion, it has never rated high in the humour dept., either. While other brands have self-deprecatingly acknowledged their public persona, the department store was too busy producing reliable tools and chafing corduroy pants to worry about their stuffy, uptight attitude.

That’s what makes this campaign so utterly amazing. Undead shopping at Sears! Zombies have taken over the company’s website. OK, when you click through you may find some hideous shirts, but this is fantastic marketing.

This campaign took BRAAAAAINS!

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