Halifax explodes all over again

Halifax Pop Explosion starts tomorrow, ending my sleep until Monday. This amazing video has been making the rounds today: it’s MuchMusic’s New Music covering the festival  in 1994 (when was the last time a music festival got 12 minutes of coverage?). The t-shirts may have been baggier and Sub Pop reps are no longer handing out deals like candy, but not much has changed, really.

I know this isn’t very rock ‘n’ roll, but I interpreted a few classic HPX bands with their current fashion collection counterparts. Fashion’s always siphoning off pop culture,  but this “grunge luxe” trend, which pissed off rockers the first time, has softened its edges the second time around. Maybe we’re all growing up, like Courtney.

Velvet though? Not sure I’m brave enough for the return of that one.

The Rebecca West: Anna Sui fall collection

Jale: Marc Jacobs spring 2010

Hardship Post: Rodarte fall 2010

Thrush Hermit: Alexander Wang fall 2010

At least the designers didn’t watch too many movies from 1994 when creating these collections. Imagine a resurgence of the Natural Born Killers croptop?

Oh but wait…here are a couple of super-grainy pics from when I saw Juliette Lewis, glorious like some kind of mythical bluebird, in Brooklyn this summer.

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