My Zoe rapport

Maybe it’s not cool, but I love Rachel Zoe. She may be a ridiculously demanding boss (as seen on The Rachel Zoe Project) to the point of being clueless about human limits, and you can see her giraffe-neck spine through her dresses, but at least she doesn’t seem to be intentionally cruel. After working for a couple of small companies I can tell you that her insanity isn’t unique to Hollywood stylists: entrepreneurs are just built that way.

Zoe exudes this super-cool 1970s Los Angeles vibe, which is hard to pull off in east coast Canada. She’s a risk taker in her personal style,  not afraid to mix patterns and designers. But what I love the most about Zoe is that she introduced the world to Brad Goreski, her cutie-pie, preppy, Canadian, gay assistant.

I’m not alone: New York Times called him the Zelig of Fashion Week, which apparently led to a split between the two. The Times suggests that Goreski is responsible for “sartorial copycats,” decked out in fitted blazers and bow ties. It’s such a handsome look, recalling a very talented Mr. Ripley or Great Gatsby.

Brad was definitely on my mind when I snapped this couple for The Coast’s Street Style. Sure, not every guy can pull off suspenders and a tie, but it’s so refreshing to see men dressing up for Saturday morning brunch.

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