FIner Things in life

On Saturday we took a trip to Finer Things, one of my favourite places in Halifax. Alas, the Scandinavian 1960s couch and chair set I had my eye on for the last year is gone. Also, I’ve been looking everywhere for an antique dress form, and they had two. Unfortunately, one was only a table-torso and the other was already sold (click for larger photo).

But there were many more items to covet, like this suitcase of hats:

Of course, it’s not a trip to the antiques store without some scary dolls:

See the tray behind the dolls? Sean’s grandmother had that set, which he’s going to try and track down. There’s a similar one in blue, which is really lovely. Also lovely, this petit-pointe pattern teapot. I have an entire set (actually I have two sets of china), which I inherited, at home in storage, demanding to come out of the box. Interesting to see what things are worth too, not that I would ever sell. The teapot was priced at $139.

Finer Things used to have a huge collection of vintage Fire-King dishes. Most were gone this time (I need to to impulse shop, apparently), but there were a few mugs still left:

I also love souvenir glasses. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the Annapolis Valley after drinking out of these?

I did end up buying a piece though. My new obsession (does this sound pretentious, yes, it probably does): 1970s Danish Nymolle porcelain. I’ve looked up the patterns and they’re amazing: whimsical drawings of traffic jams, garden parties, cityscapes and people. They’re almost Gorey-like. This plate was done by the artist Bjorn Wiinblad. It’s part of a series, one emotion/expression for each month. This is Konflikt in April:

I’ve only ever bought a sewing machine on e-bay. But I’m already thinking that I need a little more Wiinblad in my life.

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