Sally Draper meets Haley Mills

Sally, meet Britney.

“Maybe she wants to look like Haley Mills,” Don Draper’s nurse friend says optimistically after Sally chops off random bits of her hair. Yes! Exactly. I too had an obsession with Haley after watching The Parent Trap at a friend’s sleepover. I thought she was the coolest, prettiest, classiest girl ever. I was in love. I lived a sheltered life.

The Haley

But wait. What happened next was more like Lindsay Lohan, post-Parent Trap remake. The chopped hair’s all Haley, but I don’t remember anyone “playing with themself” in that movie. Or at any of my sleepovers.

Lay down Sally

Cutting your hair gets you a slap in the face from Betty. Bored masturbation in front of your sleeping friend will get you a trip to the shrink.

As much as I love Sally though, this is, I think, my favourite Mad Men visual ever: Peggy on a red motorcycle driving in circles around a sound stage.

Easy Rider

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