Queen Elizabeth in your face

The 3D House of Queen

I am a Queen Elizabeth fan. Not everyone shares my view, as I learned after writing about her visit this summer (how to meet the Queen; why you should care about the Queen; and what the Queen eats for lunch). So I was pretty excited to learn about the Queen in 3D!

Leave it to CBC to make the first program to be viewed on public TV in Canada to be a doc on the monarchy (September 20). This seems closer to SCTV’s 3D House of Pancakes than James Cameron’s blue-brained cocksure vision, and I love them for it. But it’s a cool story: apparently canisters of original 3D film footage of her 1953 coronation were recently uncovered, and there was a 3D camera following her on this visit to Canada, too. CBC’s PR firm sent me a pair of old-school glasses and a link to some images to test them out. If you have a pair you can check it out for yourself, if not, watch this until you can get a royal wave to the face on September 20 (glasses will be available at Canada Post outlets, closer to air date).

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