It’s up to you, Liza Minnelli

Liza, patron saint of my vacation and all that jazz.

This week, thanks to some tech support, all my browser bookmarks are gone. Five years of favourite sites, recipes, fashion, news, how-tos and worst of all, travel, including all the links I’d been meticulously saving for our trip to New York. Instead of trying to find them all again, I have a new idea: WWLD? I’m going to let Liza Minnelli guide my way. If my inner Liza says stop for a scotch, well, that’s what we’ll do. Buy a boa, don’t mind if I do. Perhaps not the soundest vacation planning, but I’m sure she wouldn’t lead me astray. I will keep my pants on, though.

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One Response to It’s up to you, Liza Minnelli

  1. ericapenton says:

    For future reference: get thee to Delicious! Store those links in the cloud, fully categorized and tagged.

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