So, right now I’m working on a Halifax Style issue–not a how-to, but more of a “who are we, what do we look like” story. It’s exciting but challenging, because there is a Halifax style; it’s just never been articulated. I am especially aware of it when I go away. It’s closer to Montreal than Toronto; somewhere between Helsinki and Hoboken.

Part of the assignment is a Halifax street style photo essay, a la sartorialist. Long overdue. Anyway, it’s fun to take out a fancy professional camera, stop people and tell them they have great style. No one’s turned me down yet. But what I think is wonderful is that it makes me acutely aware of everyone around me, and what they’re wearing. Without sounding loser-fashion-bloggy, I’m finding sparks of inspiration everywhere, whether people know they’re doing it or not–a dazzling belt buckle, a low-slung scarf, the cock of a hat. It’s like being in a Gondry film, or on shrooms, sometimes, watching people that closely.

There are a few photos I can’t use for the story, but I think are the most amazing representations of local style.

how do you solve a problem...

OK, so my favourite movie is Sound of Music. I did a SoM tour in Salzburg. I had a couple of nuns as teachers. But there is something so elegantly minimalist here–Comme des Garçons?–I fumbled with a camera to capture them as they walked away.

Old man chic strikes again

And then there’s this guy. If this man wasn’t my husband, he’d be on the cover. Sorry dudes, but a lot of you have some catching up to do. Classic old man chic (he coined it), with the fedora, a peach shirt, tinted glasses. Here’s a man who thinks about his clothes–I know, I’ve witnessed the closet pulls–but he doesn’t let it rule his life. Unbiased opinion: top-10 best-dressed men in Halifax. If you don’t believe me, that man up above is going to grow, style-wise, into this handsome art-world famous man, in a few years. He already owns the scarf.

Francisco Clemente, photo courtesy of thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Read more about Clemente, of whom I’m a big fan, here, and here.

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