Today’s hero: Chloé Gordon

Chloé Gordon's fringe necklace.

It started with a simple feather. A brown feather flecked with a deep turquoise. Hanging from a suede string. I bought one from Clothes Horse (vintage row on Queen Street, Halifax), not realizing that my husband bought me one, just fifteen minutes earlier. I thought that Merle, the lovely owner, looked amused.

So I owned two of Chloé Gordon’s single feather earrings before I met her, while writing a story for The Coast on NSCAD’s wearable art show. I was immediately impressed with her focus; how she mixes traditional textile techniques with a modern ecofriendly consciousness and a classic rock ‘n’ roll spirit. It’s as if she stripped down the best part of the 1960s hippie aesthetic (don’t tell the Boomers they did something right). I think Michelle Philips when I see her clothing. Then I discovered Gordon has an equally talented sister, Parris, who designs jewellery and the two have a label together: Chloe comme Parris. And their mother is an artist, too–you can purchase her hand-painted bangles at Clothes Horse.

At last fall’s Atlantic Fashion Week, some of Gordon’s models were wearing these suede fringe necklaces. I waited patiently for them to be available to purchase–here it is featured in my local, recycled leather fashion story, too (I was pretty excited). Gordon sent me a note when they arrived–like an obsessed kid bugging mom to go to Toys R Us, I raced out and bought a black single suede one. They come in doubles too, and in leather, and they look awesome layered. Best of all: they’re made from recycled leather jackets.

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