Mid-Century musts from Mad Men

Modern love for Roger's desk

OK, I’m almost done Mad Men week, but before I wipe the drool off my keyboard, let’s take a first look at the season four furnishings (UPDATE: the post was about previous seasons–got ahead of myself), thanks to The Midcentury Modernist, a website that dissects my favourite, midcentury design (check out the story on The Incredibles‘ design sensibility). Damn, where’s my groovy time machine? According to writer Stephen Coles, season four debuted “at a moment when America’s fascination with mid-century style was at a fever pitch…the frenzy for furniture and fashion of the 1960s is still hot.”

The website pulls interviews with set decorators–of course, nothing is left to chance. The furniture needs to look authentic and time-accurate without appearing like a catalogue snapshot.

Eames envy

Sit with the big boys in one of these Eames Executive chairs–Draper’s seat of choice.

My god, words like teak and Eames and Knoll get me giddy.  A couple of months ago, when I was working on a Home Style Guide for The Coast, I fell deeply in love with a Danish teak couch and chair set, paired with a teak bar cart, at Finer Things on Agricola Street (best selection of Fire King in town). Made me sad about the giant cat scratching posts we call furniture. If we had that set, I believe that instantly my clothes would always be pressed, my hair would defrizz and my fondue would become the talk of the neighbourhood.

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2 Responses to Mid-Century musts from Mad Men

  1. Thanks for the link! To be clear, my post was about the production design of previous seasons, not Season 4. That will be up later next week.

  2. carterflinn says:

    thanks for the clarification–great website, BTW.

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