SlutWalk Toronto

Now that all our boxes are unpacked (sort of) I can go back to more important things, like taking part in today’s SlutWalk, which included an incredible impassioned speech by Jane Doe.

It’s disgusting that such a day has to exist, but there was a wonderful feeling of solidarity (and some mighty fine slutty wear, too). Still going through my photos, but in the meantime, take a look at Wayward Westoby’s fantastic flicks.

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Rita Pavone Tuesday

One more reason to learn Italian…

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Greens make me giggle


The perfect antidote to the nauseating annual media coverage of New Year’s fitness resolutions:’s Women Laughing Alone at Salad. Laughing won’t cost you any calories.

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Favourite things: Nowhere Boy

Sam Taylor-Wood is one of my favourite artists (her video Third Party, starring Marianne Faithfull, is on my all-time top 10 list), so I waited for Nowhere Boy, her John Lennon biopic with great anticipation. Unfortunately the buzz around this overlooked film became about how Taylor-Wood did it in the road with her much younger star, Aaron Johnson, got preggo and married.

Focusing on the pre-Beatles, early Quarryman years and Lennon’s relationship with his mother, Julia, Taylor-Wood keeps the focus tight and the winking, knowing nods out of sight. Of course it’s beautifully styled.

The trailer:

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Favourite things 2010: Homo Duplex

Halifax, you don’t make it easy, what with the lack of employment, backwards politics and ridiculous weather. But every once in awhile I’m reminded why we’ve put up with debt and salty fog for so long. Local (in the geographic sense) music blog Herohill, who just got a sweet little mention on, put out a Hall & Oates tribute album as an early Christmas present, and on it, is one of my surprise favourite songs of the year.

Out of Maritime music royalty comes Homo Duplex (cool couple Ron Bates of The Memories Attack and Kristina Parlee, The Maynards), who put out a couple great digital EPs this year. Their version of one of H&O’s most cheesiest–the soul got lost somewhere between the shoulder pads–gets new life as a slowed-down, noisy little number.

Listen to their version here. And if you need a reminder:

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Pillow talk

December was not a happy blogging month, but I’m back after a well-deserved vacation back home hanging with my family. On my travels I discovered this new little shop in Waterloo called Bon Mot, which sells contemporary art and design pieces, in a lovely, minimalist space. Didn’t see these pillows until I left though–but I’d love to lay my head down on these sweetnesses.

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Reimagining Traffic

If only it really was like this: Jacques Tati’s “Trafic.”

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